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    The source of aluminum specializing in the production of 1060,3003,6063,6463,6061

 and other civilian and industrial aluminum tubes, lighting aluminum, furniture profiles, radiator profiles, our products meet ISO and GB / T standards.

    We have not only extruder, but also more from 850 to 8500 CNC CNC machining centers, multiple CNC lathes, electric and hydraulic presses, bending machines, riveting machines, welding machines, to provide you from the material to Finished product full set of services, so you no longer compare the various projects to worry about the suppliers.

    We can carry out a variety of surface treatment products, including sandblasting, oxidation, powder coating, painting, surface characterization, so that your accessories procurement easier.
    In addition to independent products with aluminum ladder, advertising ashtrays, towel racks and other products, we can also according to customer design and production needs OEM products, welcome customers to sample custom.



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Foshan Sanshui Opoint Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd.

Foshan Sanshui Opoint Aluminum Co., Ltd. is located in Guangfo Gold Corridor with sufficient raw material supply due to convenient sea and air traffic in the Pearl River Delta. It can help us to provide reasonable prices, timely supply of products to create the conditions.  Enter>>


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Machining Plant: No.20 GaoDun industrial Zone Lishui- Beisha 
Nanhai Foshan 528244, Guangdong China
Tel: +86-757-85707085
Fax: +86-757-85795910

Extrude Plant: No.1 Meigang Industry Zone, Denggang, Southwest , 
Sanshui ., Foshan,528100 Guangdong, 
Tel: +86-757-87718778
Fax: +86-757-87718773

QQ:1664610052, 1142218106 
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Email: sales@opoint.cn,            info@opoint.cn


如今国内铝型材加工行业竞争激烈,产能过剩等各种因素阻碍行业发展,但在新能源汽车为代表的交通轻量化市场中找到了新的蓝海... [Details]
近几年来, 我国工业铝型材加工业,紧密结合市场和科学发展的需求,使传统铝材加工材,已经逐步完成了,向现代化铝材加工材... [Details]

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Address:Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Sanshui southwest Mei Gang Industrial Zone, No. 1   Zip code:528244

  Guangdong ICP 13030233  Technical support:Changsha Xun search